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Artists Must Begin Helping Themselves 
Interview with a 10,000 Year Old Artist

"Jimmie Durham, writer, sculptor, performance artist and poet, is one of the most controversial figures in contemporary culture. This anthology of writings ranges from his appeals to the American Indian nations for strength and unity of purpose in combating the corrosive effects of colonialism, to his acerbic critics of Western culture and its redemptive myths of the “Other”. For Durham, art and its institutions are not separable from political realities; the West’s representations of ethnic and cultural authenticity, its constructions of primitivism and aesthetic value are intimately bound to discourses of colonialism and racism. The author’s keen understanding of historical process and witty subversions of Western thought challenge any complacent attitudes we may harbour on multiculturalism and offer a model of how we might think and act differently about the world.

Jimmie Durham was born in 1940 and is a visual graduate of the Ecole de Beaux-Arts, Geneva. During the ‘70s and early ‘80s, as a member of the American Indian Movement, he was founding director of the International Indian Treaty Council at the UN, co-editor of the Treaty Council News and Director of the Foundation for the Community of Artists and editor of inter-racial books for children After a period as editor of its New York based paper Art & Artists, he became a freelance contributor to numerous international art journals. Since the mid-Eighties his artwork has been exhibited internationally. His book of poems Columbus Day was published in 1983 “West End Press”. He currently lives in Cuernavaca, México.”

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A Certain Lack of Coherence
Writings on Art and Cultural Politics

Jimmie Durham

Edited by Jean Fisher
Kala Press. London, 1993.

ISBN 0-947753-03-6 h/b
ISBN 0-947753-04-4 p/b
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